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It is late when we finally reach baggage claims, and the people around us are few and far in between. There are a few people sleeping leaning against the walls or uncomfortably sprawled across benches, their baggage impromptu pillows. Despite the hour, Dee is as spritely and cheerful as ever when we see her.
"Ardelle!" she shouts from the far side of baggage claims and even knowing her well I am still startled by her accent. I smile despite myself and wave.
"This is Dee?" Shaye whispers nervously.
"You bet," I say and walk faster to meet her, half afraid that she'll leap the baggage tracks in her eagerness to reach us. "The one and only."
She doesn't vault anything on her way to reach me, but I know, looking at her grin, that it's only because she's doing her best to Behave in the Conventional Fashion. She busses the air next to each cheek and turns to Shaye. "You, you are Shaye, no?"
"Sure," Shaye mutters, her flush intensifying as she studies her carry-on bag.
"I saw Ardelle's bags, but I don't know which are yours, dear." Dee already has me by the arm and is leading me toward one of the conveyor belts. "I'll assume that they'll be in the same batch as Ardelle's. Come, let us find them." She drags us across the concourse chatting at me all the while, short dark hair flying wildly about her animated face. "I thought you could have the first day for resting and recovering from your flights since you've come in so late, and we can see the sights the next day. Then, coffee in the morning of the day after and in the evening, you know, that lesbian bar I was telling you about? Next day, shopping downtown, day after there's going to be a party at my place. Then a quiet day in the park, a picnic and such, and final day resting and packing. Sounds good, yes?"


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